Help Desk Change

Our technology department has updated the OCSD help desk platform and will be discontinuing our current platform.

The new platform is identical to our current system with several changes to make accessing and reporting technical issues easier.
  • The help desk link on staff links, of our district website, will be removed.
  • Going forward, you will log in through Rapid ID. There will be a Help Desk icon on the Rapid ID application portal for quicker access.
  • To save yourself time, you can now email (and reply to) technical support request with this email address:
  • You may also respond directly to email threads within your school district email account to provide additional information, instead of logging into the help desk platform. Please note, each new email sent to the email address above will start a new help desk ticket.
  • As you email a help desk request, we won't know your building, room, or problem. To speed up our team's ability to help you, please be sure to include your building, room number, and any other details in the email to help our team assist you.
Any requests currently open or pending on our old platform will still be addressed by our team. There is no need to resubmit requests.